How To Overcome Procrastination As a Blogger

Whenever we say we don't have time to blog, we are usually making an excuse for not making time for our blogs. I know this because I've used the "I don't have time" excuse a lot over the years. And trust me. I know all about blogging excuses because I've used a variety of excuses to abandon almost a dozen blogs over the years. But when I started blogging to market my design services, I knew … [Read more...]

How to Avoid Procrastination

Roundup: 6 Resources for Blog Post Ideas

I always advocate that you should keep your Editorial Calendar stocked full of post ideas (and half-written posts), so you can stick to a blog posting schedule even when life gets in the way and you're pressed for time. But I know from experience that it can be really difficult to constantly come up with new post ideas and blog content. That's why I decided to roundup some of my favorite … [Read more...]

Why Serious Bloggers Use Self-Hosted WordPress

In my post Blogger vs. Wordpress, I pointed out that Wordpress is the best blogging platform for most bloggers. If you only plan to blog as a hobby, Blogger is a good choice. But if you ever see yourself "getting serious" about blogging, then Wordpress is almost always the best choice. Many bloggers are reluctant to switch to Wordpress because of web hosting costs and the fact that setting … [Read more...]

Dos and Donts of Blogging

11 Pinterest Boards for Bloggers

I love that Pinterest is a visual site. It's a lot more fun browsing through gorgeous photos and graphics rather than clicking through endless search engine pages (sorry Google). Pinterest is also my absolute favorite place to find blogging inspiration and blogging advice!  Because of this, I decided to round up 11 Pinterest Boards on Blogging for you to follow and browse whenever you need a … [Read more...]

How to Make Time For Your Blog

Take this quick quiz. Don't worry. You don't have to write anything down, and it will only take a few seconds. Answer these questions with a Yes or No: Do you watch TV? Do you read books and/or magazines for pleasure? Do you spend personal time on Facebook or other social networking sites? Do you spend time browsing blogs for fun? Do you hang out with friends? If you answered … [Read more...]